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Metalworks INc

Metalworks was founded by Michael Josephs in 1983. He dreamed of creating the best custom metal fabrications in the world, and to this day every piece is designed and built to exact specifications. An original crew of fewer than a half-dozen full time employees has since grown to over 30 full-time engineers, machinists, welders, and finishers.

Working from your custom drawings, sketches, or concepts, we analyze, value engineer, and fabricate the end product with both aesthetic and functional concerns in mind.

We work with a large variety of metals including, but not limited to: stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, hot or cold rolled steel, and zinc.

We also offer a range of diverse finishes including mirror polish, satin directional, non-directional, oxidized, powder coated, statuary bronze, and more.

Our in house capabilities include: laser cutting, CNC machining, brake forming, welding, polishing, assembly, and powder coating.

Michael Josephs, Founder and President

Michael Josephs, Founder and President

Our clients include

  • Architects

  • Building Owners, Managers

  • Construction Managers and General Contractors

  • Designers and Decorators

  • Kitchen, Bath, Lighting, and Furniture Manufacturers

  • Residential Owners, and more.

Our Custom Fabrication can be found in

  • Airports

  • Banks

  • Corporate Headquarters and Offices

  • Trade Shows

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Libraries

  • Museums

  • Some of the most exclusive private residences in the country